Design of a retail shop for the footwear brand “Reef”

The interior space of Reef’s shoes shop is characterized by six different modules of wooden curved silhouettes which recall the idea of tree trunks, inspired by tropical forests. The modules are composed of wooden curved silhouettes fixed to metallic supports. Along the store’s perimeter, more modules are fitted within each other, giving back the impression to be immersed in the heart of a tropical forest.

Reef is the brand chosen for the shoe shop project.
This brand comprises a particular collection called “We Heart Collection”, which is made by artisans in developing countries across the world.
Therefore, the store’s aesthetics follows Reef’s project and are aligned with the brand’s ethical and social values.

The store is composed of two different areas: an internal (the store) and an external one (the patio).
Both of the areas are entirely filled with the wooden artificial trees making a very tiny difference between the interior and exterior. As well as the modules, also the furniture has been specifically designed: a circular wooden bench in two different dimensions, a long elliptical show case and the cash register.
Each of these elements is decorated with the wooden curved silhouettes, creating an overall harmonic vision between all of space’s components.
The project aims to create an original and innovative concept store, which attracts customers and makes them feel in another world: Reef’s world.